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Taking a Peek at CloudFoundry PaaS

I did a quick peek at CloudFoundry, recent attempt of open sourced PaaS by VMWare. Currently besides announcement presentations, there is not much documentation about it, so sources are main source of information. I have also found this post and presentation very usefull.

From the bird eye perspective, CloudFoundry seems like small, tight, piece of code, that just does what needs to be done. It is written in Ruby, and the code seems nicely written.

CloudFoundry deals with deploying of apps to the cloud, updating it, connecting to the services like data base or message queues, starting and stopping of application instances, load balancing and monitoring.

On one hand this is not much, but it is certainly needed. And if open sourced model would bring a number of additional bindings for services and frameworks that are not supported at the launch, CloudFoundry could become a very interesting building block. Needles to say it would be great if Seaside could get supported.

Ineteresting angle is that while VMWare offers its service, others are free to offer their service. So one could have app running on micro cloud on his notebook, and later on move it to the cloud to the provider of his choosing.

In CloudFoundry architecture, there is an entity called router, which intercepts all incoming requests, and distributes them to correct instances of the application. I guess over the time different providers could compete on offering routers that could sustain huge amounts traffic.

Anyway it will be interesting to see if this router can nicely coexist with Seaside.

Posted by rush at 20 April 2011, 3:51 pm with tags cloudfoundry, cloud, PaaS link