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Useful tips for broken ankle

In the late autumn I have broken my ankle, and underwent surgery to repair it. Needles to say broken ankle changes ones life overnight. When you look upfront at recovery it is very long, at least 3 months are expected. But when it is all over and done, and you look back at it does not seem that long anymore. Here are some things that I found useful, and that helped me to cope with it.

In first days while you are still confined to laying in bed, tablet can be your window into the world, from reading mail, browsing web pages about broken ankle like this one, and reading some books to relax.

When you start walking with crutches, you will soon realize that you can not carry anything around with your hands, since they are busy with the crutches. Belt bag will help you to carry quite a few items easily.

While belt bag will help you to carry many necessary items, it is not suitable for a cup of coffee or soup bowl. Here is where serving trolley jumps in if you happen to have one in the house. It is still preferred to use closed containers on it, since you would be pushing it around in not exactly smooth manner.

I have started to take brief walks out of the house as soon I managed to climb 3 stories of stairs (no elevator), those walks lasted for few minutes, but it surely felt nice to feel the outside air and some spots of daylight. But in order to get out, I need a sock, and a shoe that that will fit my huge ankle. As for shoes, I was lucky to have a pair of Aetrex v753 snickers which are very roomy. As for sock, good online friend of mine was kind enough to knit a pair of large left socks for me . They fitted like a sleeve, and frankly I have never thought knitted socks would be that comfortable. Thanks Janis!

Anyway, when going out, there are many more things that can help you. Firstly, ASO ankle brace. It will protect you from taking wrong step and hurting your still recovering ankle. When I became more confident with my crutch walks (and less concentrated), I did once manage to misstep. Boy was I glad that I did have ASO brace at that moment.

It is likely that your hands would not be prepared for extra work needed for the crutches, and you might develop blisters. Bicycling gloves (with and without fingers), helped me in that area. Cycling gloves are padded, and yet strong enough not to get destroyed by the crutches.

Another useful cycling item is breathable soft shell jacket. When walking on the crutches you will perspire much more than just walking and cycling jacket will help to deal with that while protecting you from the wind. Mine had and added bonus, kangaroo sized pocket on the back that proved very convenient to carry quite a few things.

When your outdoor excursions get longer, backpack will become your best friend. It does not affect walking with crutches, and even on the stairs it was not problematic, and one can put a heap of stuff in it.

If your house does not have elevator, you will quickly discover that timer for the lights on the stairways is not designed to handle people moving as slowly as you. Any cheap headlamp will ensure that you do not stay at the middle of the stairs in the dark, and will leave both of your hands free for the crutches.

When time comes for you to start going to the physical therapy, chances are you will need to walk to it. In my case this coincided with some icy weather, and I was quite concerned about it since crutches and ice do not mix all that well. So I got a pair of Yaktrax to put on my shoes to provide me with more grip.

Lastly, I wanted to start working out my leg as soon my surgeon allowed it. Stationary bicycle is great for the purpose but I do not own one, so I got myself gym pass. As added bonus, this gym had Concept 2 indoor rowers, which I could also use.

So this pretty much sums it up. In the next blog post I will try to list all important dates and key events during my recovery.

Posted by rush at 31 March 2014, 4:41 pm with tags broken, ankle link


I'm so glad that my work help you to get out on a fresh air :) Thank you for your kind words!

Posted by Janis knitpurl at 2 April 2014, 7:05 am link

They are well deserved! :)

Posted by rush at 3 April 2014, 7:38 am link