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  • Useful tips for broken ankle
    31 March 20144:41:02 pm by rush
    In the late autumn I have broken my ankle, and underwent surgery to repair it. Needles to say broken ankle changes ones life overnight. When you look upfront at recovery it is very long, at least 3 mo...
  • Textual parametric 3D modeling with OpenSCAD
    1 January 201411:22:09 am by rush
    With recent development of 3D printers, and internet based print services like i.materialise, 3DPRINTUK or Thingverse that made it available to wide public, it was getting harder and harder for me to ...
  • Enjoying bicycle ride on snow, for casual commuter
    18 January 20134:13:07 pm by rush
    For quite a long time, I used to think that riding a bicycle on snow is, while not strictly impossible, something extreme, like walking on the rope or trapeze act. Most of my bike riding is leisurely ...